Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looking For The Right Wedding Bombonieres

Wedding is the most important occasion of your life and certainly you would like to celebrate this with your friends, family and other closed ones. You invite them to show that their presence is important in your life. And, you will also want them to cherish these sweet memories of your event forever in their lives. To appreciate them that they came and attended the wedding (wedding bombonieres, bomboniere boxes, wedding favor boxes) and making this experience as a remembrance, you give your guests a token of this gesture.

In Italian language you call a wedding favor a bomboniere. But they mean the same. In very simple words, it can be described as a way to say “thank you” to your guests for attending the party. In earlier times, it was customary for well-to-do families only to give wedding bombonieres (bomboniere boxes, wedding favours) in the form of sugar cubes. Gradually, sugar prices came down and it became affordable to even common people to give wedding favors. Now, these traditional sugar candies have been replaced by many other gifts.

Though edibles are very popular wedding bombonieres (bomboniere boxes, wedding favor boxes) but recently, chocolates and cookies have taken this place. Increasing taste and preference for chocolates worldwide have made them a popular choice for any party or event. Since they can be made in any attractive desired shape and size and can be packed in a number of lovely boxes, they are a favorite among couples. These edible favors are very cost effective also.

Many modern couples look for the wedding bombonieres (bomboniere boxes, wedding favours) that can be kept for a longer period of time. They want their guest to remember their wedding whenever they have a look at this special gift. For such gifts, popular choices are souvenir, candles, silver etc. In souvenir, a photo frame, card place holder a table book, key chain with a special message is considered. As far as candles are concerned, again you have tremendous options. Candles make very elegant and sober wedding bombonieres (favour boxes, wedding favours). They are very usable too. You can find a candle in almost any design and shape you can think of. Again there is a greater scope to inject your creativity if you want in it. Silver favors make a royal gift and often considered by wealthy couples.

Other options for a wedding favor could be totes and bags, hand held fans, champagne glasses etc. As the world is going green and if you are much concerned about the environment, you could look for some Eco-friendly favors. If you start looking at the options, there is no limit. Once you have your budget, then you can go according to that and can fine best wedding bombonieres (bomboniere boxes, wedding favours).


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