Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Perfect Japanese Wedding Favors

In order for an individual to select the best Asian wedding favor, it is important for them to first know which Asian country the couple is from in this case Japan. Japan is a large country with different regions. Each region may practice certain traditions or have cultures that may completely differ from those of a different region. Once you familiarize yourself with the various cultures you will then be able to come up with a list of suitable Japanese Wedding Favors to present to the wedding guests.

The bride and groom may not necessarily be Japanese but may simply admire their culture and decide to create a Japanese theme wedding. This will also affect greatly the kind of wedding favor boxes you present to invited guests.

In order for you to select the best wedding favors you should begin by enquiring from the couple or wedding committee how much of the Japanese culture will be incorporated into the wedding ceremony. These will help one in getting the best wedding favors and ensure everyone is happy with their favor depending on the age and how cultural they are.

As we mentioned earlier, the wedding favor boxes one may have to select will vary depending on a particular Japanese culture. Some good examples would be chopsticks that are made out of porcelain or some Japanese folding fans will be quite suitable for the guests who will live quite satisfied and treasure these favors. Another perfect favor and quite affordable for those couples that are working on a tight budget, they can simply have the names of both the bride and groom written in their Japanese dialect then presented to the guests as a way to remember this auspicious occasion.

Another perfect and affordable Japanese wedding favor is by making beautiful origami items such as birds or boats. You can even make it more interesting by presenting an origami do it yourself kit which contains instructions for the guests to create their own items, through this famous form of Japanese art.

The Asian culture can be quite diverse and one can get wedding favors that belong to a different culture. This can be translated as a sign of disrespect to the invited guests. This can only work if the bride and groom each come from different region with different cultures. To make things easier and the guest’s happy get tiny bags and fill those up with tasty Japanese munchies such as rice crackers, authentic Japanese tea bags among other treats. You can also buy some ready prepared sushi and pack it for the guests so that they can eat it from their homes.

Once you have done all the research and have the correct information including the bomboniere boxes you will present to the guests, then you can now begin to look for various places where you can purchase these items. One can purchase these items through online stores or grocery shops that only deal with Asian items or food stuffs.


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